Technical Information

In-App Agency

SRVFPD PhotosThe Agency Profile page contain photo albums that allow PulsePoint users to view incident, event, station, apparatus, and other photos that your agency chooses to share. While implementing the photo sharing capability is optional during implementation, display of organization photos may increase community awareness around the critical work performed by public safety agencies. Such knowledge may cultivate public support and increase civic engagement and program participation.

Agencies implementing PulsePoint for their communities can enable photo sharing in two simple steps:

  1. Follow the steps below to upload and configure your photos using the flickr photo sharing service.
  2. Update your agency’s registration information in the PulsePoint portal with the screen name of your agency’s flickr account.

Using flickr with PulsePoint

PulsePoint uses the flickr online photo storage and sharing service to manage the in-app photos.

  1. Establish an account for your agency at
  2. Upload your photos (images should be 300dpi for proper display in the app).
  3. Organize photos into albums (album names will appear as titles in the app).
  4. Make sure to set Photo Privacy to “Public”.