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UC Davis and City of Davis Fire Departments launch Pulsepoint

Aggie Front PageOn Nov. 30, 2012, the Pulsepoint application was launched by the UC Davis Fire Department (UCDFD) and City of Davis Fire Department (CDFD), along with the City of Davis Dispatch center. The app was conceived by Fire Chief Richard Price from the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District.

The smartphone app aims to allow community members to provide assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. According to a UCDFD and CDFD media release, about 1,000 Americans die from sudden cardiac arrest every day. Many of these can be prevented if CPR and other lifesaving assistance is provided in time.

“The point of the application is to decrease the time between the initial incident and the time they are receiving life-saving CPR or defibrillation,” said Meghan Scannell, executive assistant to the Fire Chief at the UCDFD. “Citizens are bridging the gap between the collapse of the individual and the time that CPR is being administered.”

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