March 23, 2013 | by

STOP a heart. SAVE a life.

AEDBeyond the ability for technology to improve our lives, perhaps its most important contribution is to save these very lives. Technology has emerged to address the the most dangerous consequence of the world’s most common killer–heart disease. This is an important and critical public health issue. And I’m writing this as part scientist, part paramedic and part citizen. I have experienced the futility of a cardiac arrest in a setting where there were no trained professionals or technology at hand and also experienced the jubiliation of a life resuscitated by the aid of technology combined with knowledge.

A life-saving tool, often tragically unnoticed.
This is a call to arms for an inexpensive piece of high technology that stands ready to save lives–even your own. It’s called the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). It’s an amazing device and something that we all must know about. It’s akin to the significance of the Heimlich maneuver that also has saved many lives. Just as you see a fire extinguisher and instantly recognize its value, the AED should be “on your emergency radar” in a similar fashion. These devices are becoming common, yet their utility is sadly reserved for only a few who understand how to used them.

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