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Rural/Metro first in Arizona to use new emergency alert app

Rural/Metro FireWith a simple alert from your phone, you could help save a life.

“It means the community is now looking out for each other,” said Capt. Grant Cesarek with Rural Metro Fire, who says they are the first agency to start using PulsePoint.

PulsePoint is a free app for Android and iPhone, that tells you when emergency help is needed.

“Anyone that has their phone that’s been registered for the app and downloaded the app that’s within about 300 feet of a cardiac arrest event, would get a push notification and an alert that there’s a need for CPR,” said Cesarek.

Cesarek says the hope is that bystanders can start CPR before emergency crews arrive. The app will also walk someone through the steps of CPR if they don’t know how, and alert the user if there is an AED nearby to use as well.

“If there’s a minute ahead of time before paramedics arrive then that’s a minute of good CPR and good blood flow and good circulation for that person,” he said.

The dispatch computers automatically send information to the app, so if Rural Metro gets a call and someone needs CPR, you get an alert.

“It’s all set up so that bystanders can be alerted and decide whether or not they want to help their own community members,” he said.

He says this technology will especially help in a near-drowning, where every second counts.

“There’s nothing wrong with us as firefighters and paramedics, showing up to a scene and CPR is started,” said Cesarek. “We say, ‘sir, ma’am, we’ll slide in,’ and then we take over from there.”

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