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PulsePoint Respond July 2018 Update

Below are end user community version update notes for iOS v3.24 and Android v2.4. Agency administrators should refer to the full update letter.

Seven new community notification types are available in this release. We are also introducing the concept of notification groups. A notification group is a collection of related incident types, such as Utility Emergency, which will notify on wires down, sheared hydrant, gas leaks, etc. See Notification Changes below for detailed information.

Time Zone Display
If you are in a different time zone, the actual incident time where the event occurred is now shown below local time.



Changes to existing notification types

Vehicle Accident/Fire Group (label changed from Vehicle Accident)
Traffic Collision
Vehicle Fire

Expanded Vehicle Accident Group
Expanded Traffic Collision
Traffic Collision Involving Train
Railroad/Train Emergency
Traffic Collision Involving Structure

New notification types

Aircraft Emergency Group
Aircraft Emergency
Aircraft Emergency Standby
Aircraft Crash
Landing Zone

Rescue, all types Group
Cliff Rescue
Confined Space
Rope Rescue
Technical Rescue
Trench Rescue
Water Rescue
Animal Rescue
Elevator Rescue
Urban Search and Rescue
Vessel Sinking

Utility Emergency Group
Gas Main
Electrical Emergency
Water Emergency
Wires Arcing
Wires Down
Sheared Hydrant
Pole Fire
Pipeline Emergency
Transformer Explosion

Natural Disaster Group
Flood Warning
Tornado Warning
Tsunami Warning



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