PulsePoint Connect

Preferred Vendor Status

Z1 News InterviewPreferred vendors provide the foundation with a consistent environment that makes the deployment of PulsePoint simple and straightforward.

Preferred vendors have several competitive advantages over non-preferred vendors and are eligible for foundation sponsorship of events and end-user grant programs.

Below are the four requirements for preferred vendor status:

1. Real-time Data
Provide read-only access to real-time dispatch system data. Various methods are supported including connection to the operational database; connection to a real-time replicated database, data warehouse, or archive server; or connection via a TCP/IP-based message.

2. Required Data Points
Dispatch system data must include all data elements contained in the standard PulsePoint Statement of Work.

3. Live Site
Have a minimum of one live production site utilizing PulsePoint Connect.

4. Support
Supply both an administrative and technical point of contact to assist the foundation when necessary.