PulsePoint AED Registry now in ProQA

Frequently Asked

If I’m a ProQA customer, how do I get started on the PulsePoint AED registry?

Send a note to the PulsePoint Foundation at support@pulsepoint.org. We’ll formally establish a relationship with your organization and assign a project manager to coordinate all registry activities and training. It’s a simple and straightforward process.

Our organization already uses the PulsePoint AED registry, how do I connect it to ProQA?

If you’re an existing ProQA agency just reach out to your PDC account manager to get started. If you’re considering adding ProQA you’ll find all their contact information here prioritydispatch.net/contact-us.

How do I involve my community in building the AED registry?

You’ll find the PulsePoint Foundation well equipped to help you engage your community in building and maintaining the local AED registry. Your PulsePoint project manager will help you get the right people in your organization connected with the marketing and outreach teams within the foundation. You can view sample outreach materials at pulsepoint.org/resources and some broader campaign strategies at pulsepoint.org/marketing.

What version of ProQA do we need to get started with the registry?

This integration requires a minimum of ProQA and Accelerator (or greater).

I see there is a new version of PulsePoint AED? Do you need the new version to get started?

We are continually improving our products and always recommend you use the latest version of PulsePoint AED.

What are the costs associated with this integration?

If your agency already uses ProQA Paramount there are no additional costs to integrate with the PulsePoint AED registry. There is never a charge to use any aspect of the PulsePoint registry. PulsePoint is a public, non-profit organization providing the app and hosted AED registry as part of its core mission to improve cardiac arrest survival.

Does this integration work in multi-jurisdictional PSAPs?

Yes. As long as AED locations are recorded in the registry for all jurisdictions they will be available for EMD recommendation. Jurisdictions can be individual subscribers to the PulsePoint registry or a single agency such as a county EMS department can manage the registry for multiple jurisdictions.

How are AED records updated? Can dispatchers do this?

Anyone can add a new AED to the registry. Newly added devices have a status of “pending” and require an administrative user to approve it before it is visible for recommendation. Administrative users can edit all aspects of an AED record. Agencies can assign administrative rights to appropriate users as they see fit.

Are all CAD systems compatible with this integration?

Today most CAD systems are compatible with the registry interface, but your particular CAD-to-ProQA integration will be verified by PDC.

Where can I get technical documentation on this integration?

Contact Priority Dispatch at info@prioritydispatch.net

I’m ready to move forward. Do I contact Priority Dispatch or PulsePoint?

If you already use the PulsePoint AED registry you can reach out to Priority Dispatch to get it connected to ProQA. If not, reach out to both at info@prioritydispatch.net and support@pulsepoint.org. We look forward to hearing from you.