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Lucas County Commissioners Launch PulsePoint App For Lucas County Residents

Smartphone app empowers CPR-trained users to provide help immediately following sudden cardiac arrest

Toledo, OH – The Lucas County Commissioners have partnered with the PulsePoint Foundation to bring life-saving technology to the residents of Lucas County via a mobile app designed to increase citizen awareness of cardiac events and engage them in potentially life-saving CPR. The unique, location-aware, app alerts registered users when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs in a public place within their immediate vicinity.

The Board of Lucas County Commissioners offered this statement: “We highly encourage all Lucas County residents not only to download this life saving mobile app but also to become CPR certified and learn a skill that could one day save a life.”

Cardiac Arrest is one of the leading causes of death, affecting hundreds of thousands of people in the United States each year. Effective CPR administered immediately after cardiac arrest can potentially increase the victim’s chance of survival. Connected with the Lucas County Emergency 911 Dispatch Center, the PulsePoint app alerts CPR-trained bystanders when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs in a public place within a quarter-mile of their immediate vicinity. Users will be able to quickly find the victim and begin CPR immediately while waiting for EMS to arrive. The app also gives detailed instructions and locations of nearby automatic external defibrillators (AEDs).

The PulsePoint app can be downloaded for free on any mobile device. Additionally there is a PulsePoint AED app, which allows the public to register locations of publicly accessible AEDs. For more information on the PulsePoint apps, visit:


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Columbus Fire Officials Hope To Save More Lives With New CPR Phone App

COLUMBUS, Ohio – When a heart stops beating, some central Ohioans could soon know where and when to help.

The Columbus Division of Fire is expected to join a growing number of fire departments with the ability to let people trained in CPR to respond to an emergency scene simply by responding a cell phone alert.

Statistics show if someone doesn’t perform CPR within a few minutes of a heart attack, the chances of survival aren’t good.

The Columbus Division of Fire can respond within four minutes to a call for someone who isn’t breathing.

However, the department said time could be drastically reduced with the introduction of a new cell phone app called PulsePoint.

Those with CPR training are encouraged to sign up.

“If you are shopping at a local grocery store and someone was having a cardiac arrest this app would pop up and tell you,” said Battalion Chief Shawn Koser, who is head of the Columbus Division of Fire’s EMS unit.

The app works in conjunction with the fire department’s 911 dispatch center. When someone calls 911 about a heart attack, the app sends the address to PulsePoint subscribers who may be closer to the victim than paramedics.

“We know that early CPR will save lives,” said David Keseg, the medical director for Columbus Division of Fire.

Keseg led the charge to bring the app to Columbus.

“It would be more likely to save lives if we had this in place,” Keseg said.

Read the full article by WBNS-10TV – Columbus, Ohio.

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