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PulsePoint Respond December 2018 Update

Take a look at what we are launching in December.

Community version update notes for iOS v4.1 and Android v4.3. Agency administrators should refer to the full update letter.

Apple Critical Alerts

Critical Alerts (iOS)

Critical Alerts override the Do Not Disturb setting on your device for “CPR Needed” alerts and play the alert sound even when your device is muted. With 30% of notified users reporting that they have missed an alert due to a muted device, Critical Alerts offer a significant opportunity to improve PulsePoint-initiated CPR rates.

Learn more about using Critical Alerts with PulsePoint.

Share Incident via iMessage

Share Incident Information

Alert others to an emergency by using the new share incident icon on the map pin detail panel.

Medical incidents are not sharable (share icon will not appear).

Profile Account Icons

Social Media Accounts

For users looking to further engage in their communities, social media and other key account linked icons have been added to the individual agency profile pages.

Photos are now accessible via the Flickr icon for agencies that provide public photo albums. Images will open in the Flickr app if installed, and in a browser if not.

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