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PulsePoint Saves Lives

Tri-City Voice Header300pxIt seemed like a good idea when San Ramon Valley Fire District started the program over two years ago. However, important questions remained… Who will show up to an emergency? Will dispatch be flooded with calls as a result of this? What will the impact be? Initial fears and reservations were swept away by the results.

Alameda County Fire Chief Demetrious Shaffer is convinced that PulsePoint, a system to “ping” registrants close to a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) emergency on cell phone devices, has resulted in fast response times and a blanket of first responders to help a person in distress even before emergency medical personnel are able to arrive. As a registered participant of PulsePoint, Shaffer has actually been involved in a PulsePoint action.

He says, “If I was sitting here and a medical event such as a heart attack occurred next door, unless someone was aware of my presence and ability to help, I wouldn’t know about it until the emergency vehicle arrived. That is bad because I am right here and could help, even with basic CPR.” What PulsePoint does is to notify those within a limited radius (1/4 mile) who signed up for the PulsePoint application on their cell phone device.

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