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Walkthrough: PulsePoint AED v1.4 iOS Update

Version 1.4 for iOS is here

iOS1.4 Update Login Screen

We have added a new login method that offers an email/password option.

This has been our most requested feature so we are pleased to include it in this release.

iOS 1.4 Update New AED Screen 1

To improve the accuracy of AED positioning the workflow for adding a new AED has been separated into two screens.

The new design ensures that users will not mistakenly skip the AED placement step. The AED cannot be submitted until the user taps the Next button and confirms the AED location.

iOS v1.4 Update New AED Screen 2

Clearer instructions and a full screen map improve the users ability to accurately position the AED.

Users now have an entire screen to pan and zoom the map to precisely position the AED (pin).

iOS 1.4 Update Business/Location Name Screen

When adding a new AED the Business/Location Name field can now be populated automatically by simply selecting a nearby business name – saving time and improving accuracy.

Just start typing and we’ll present matches based on your location.

Have additional questions? Send us a note at developer@pulsepoint.org.

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