How to send an agency message to PulsePoint Respond users

PulsePoint can help disseminate information to your Respond app followers in real-time through the Agency Message feature. Agency messages can be of an emergency nature, such as evacuation information or sandbag filling site locations, or more routine in use such as announcing a community event or publicizing a recruitment effort. Agency messages support web-style hyperlinks, invoke the phone dialer for telephone numbers, and can create calendar events from dates in the message text.


There are three message categories in the PulsePoint Respond app—News, CERT, and Disaster. Users can subscribe to these message types on the app's Notifications page. Users that have subscribed to the message category being sent will receive a push notification. Other users will only see the message if they open the app and view the incident list. A fourth category is available for sending messages to Verified Responders. All Verified Responders' messages will generate a push notification (Verified Responders are automatically members of this group).

Agency messages are pinned to the top of the incident list. Tapping the message will display the complete text.

Send an Agency Message

To send an agency message, sign in to the PulsePoint administrative portal and select "Alert" from the header menu. Next, select the alert type, enter your message text, and click the Send Alert button. The number of devices that received the message is displayed in the lower panel. The message will be automatically cleared after 24 hours unless extended (up to two weeks) by changing the default duration, in hours, after the message has been sent (see highlight circle on second image below).