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PulsePoint only displays incidents for 24 hours after assigned resources are cleared (up to a maximum of 100 incidents). After this period you'll need to contact the responding agency directly.

Contact information can be found on the corresponding Agency Profile page.

Verified Responders are assigned by PulsePoint agencies primarily for their employees and those with medical or rescue training living within their jurisdiction. If you work for or are closely associated with a PulsePoint agency, we recommend that you reach out to them directly.

The foundation does not designate Verified Responder status. Not all agencies participate in the PulsePoint Verified Responder (VR) program.

Thank you for your interest! This link should get you started. Feel free to reach out to us any time at

A description of each PulsePoint incident type is available here. This link also shows which incident types have an associated push notification.

Unfortunately, not all agencies choose to provide a radio feed within the app. It's an optional feature. We agree that it is a useful feature when available. This might be a request that you make directly to the agency.

PulsePoint uses a two-step process to add new AEDs to the registry. Once an AED is added by a member of the community it is placed in a "pending" state awaiting verification by the local public safety agency. An AED in this interim state is visible in the PulsePoint AED app, but not to a dispatcher or PulsePoint Respond user.

If the AED has been pending for a while feel free to create a support ticket. We'll help get it moved through the approval process (make sure to include the business name, address, etc. so we can identify the device in question).

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