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Unit Legend

One of the most common support questions we answer is, "What does this unit abbreviation mean?" We do a pretty good job with the easy ones, but with no standard for resource abbreviations, we are often stumped as well. To help alleviate this user frustration, we have introduced an agency-specific unit legend in Respond v4.10. Once submitted, this legend appears on the Agency Profile page below the agency description. We encourage you to submit a legend for your agency's resources.


Follow these steps to create a unit legend for your agency.

  1. Download and populate the unit legend spreadsheet template with the designations for your resources.
  2. Save the spreadsheet as a comma-delimited (.csv) file.
  3. Upload the file in the Agency Information section of the PulsePoint Admin Portal. Click the Save button after the upload is complete.
  4. Check your work by viewing the unit legend on the Agency Profile page in the app. Modify and re-upload if necessary.

Archive your work so you can make modifications to this spreadsheet in the future. Uploading a new file will replace the current version.


The unit legend spreadsheet contains four columns—Abbreviation, Description, Header, and Link. Abbreviation and Description are the entries required in most cases as the Header and Link columns are optional. The Header column creates a bolded row for use as a title or subheading. The link column contains a URL to hyperlink the Description to a website page with photos and other information on the specific resource type, like this.

Scroll through the sample screens shown on this page. Additional instructions are included in the unit legend spreadsheet template.