Marketing Projects


Community marketing is present in all stages of a well planned PulsePoint deployment. Effective outreach starts at launch – but sustained marketing is essential for community adoption. Getting people in your community interested in CPR training, AEDs and PulsePoint takes a concerted effort across multiple platforms.

The focus of your marketing campaign will depend on where you can most efficiently reach your residents and visitors. Below you will find a variety of approaches used by other PulsePoint agencies that will hopefully inspire you to find the right approach for your community.

Our marketing team is always available to brainstorm ideas and assist your staff with execution. We also offer marketing grants for unique ideas that can lay the groundwork for other agencies.


Transit Advertising

Advertising on buses, trolleys, shelters and benches puts your message in front of those moving about your city – including your largest and most popular destinations.



With access to major thoroughfares, a billboard campaign can efficiently target large numbers of residents and commuters.


Coffee Sleeves

Providing hot beverage sleeves to local coffee shops offers an easy and inexpensive way to reach those located in your community.


Apparatus Decals

Apparatus decals are a highly visible way to show your community that you’re “PulsePoint Connected.” Decals are available as 3M reflective stickers or temporary vinyl clings.


Registered AED Cabinet Stickers

Place these stickers on cabinets and other enclosures to indicate that an AED has been added to the community registry. The stickers also serve to increase program awareness and encourage others to register additional AEDs. The QR code included on the sticker links to the app download page to promote participation.


PulsePoint Connected Stickers

Window stickers are a simple way to partner with local businesses to increase community awareness of PulsePoint. This type of downtown door-to-door initiative can be coupled with AED readiness checks or other agency outreach activities and programs.

PulsePoint Verde Valley AZ Outreach Stickers.

Verde Valley AZ agencies promote PulsePoint awareness and increase program participation with a window sticker program.


Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are excellent option for promoting a message within your jurisdiction with no cost after design and installation.


Library Kiosk

This self-service library book pickup kiosk offer a unique location for citizen engagement.

PulsePoint Library Kiosk

Library book kiosk in Olathe, KS.


Promotional Videos

Agency developed videos and PSAs (public service announcements) may be disseminated without charge due to their objective of raising awareness of a social issue such as cardiac arrest and the importance of citizen involvement in the chain of survival. These can be shown on local television, in movie theaters, through social media platforms and on your agency website.


Challenge Coins

Challenge coins were first issued to prove military membership when questioned and to enhance morale. Today they are used more broadly and collected by service members and public safety personnel. Challenge coins can be presented as an award or symbol of gratitude during cardiac arrest survival ceremonies or serve as an informal recognition of a response effort or program participation.


Gas Pump Videos

Gas station advertising places your messaging in a location where it’ll be viewed by those in your community - with just enough spare time to download PulsePoint!



Banners come in all shapes and sizes and offer a versatile format to share your message. Banners are inexpensive, can be used indoors or outdoors and are very easy to store and reuse.


Event Tent

A familiar presence at a wide variety of community events, a custom printed pop-up tent offers a highly functional way to share your message at nearly any venue. Easy to store and set up, offering sun or rain protection when needed, a canopy tent is a great marketing resource.

PulsePoint Event Tent Marketing Napa

Napa County (CA) originally created their event tent for use at vaccine distribution sites.


AED Contests

Contests are great way to create awareness of public access defibrillators. Contests can be designed to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the community AED registry and also to generate conversation around the role and importance of AEDs in cardiac arrest survival.

PulsePoint UF Health AED Registry Hunt Contest.

University of Florida Health held a community Hunt for AEDs to help build the registry and awareness in Alachua County.


Sidewalk Chalk Art

Create your message wherever your audience congregates – or maybe have a contest? Anything is possible with a little imagination and a box of sidewalk chalk.

PulsePoint Sidewalk Chalk Art Manatee County.

Manatee Public Safety created this chalk mural at the entrance to a busy city park.


Promotional Giveaway Items

Interesting and useful items imprinted with a logo and key message, distributed at community events or training sessions, can help create awareness and serve as a lasting reminder. These items can also be used as prizes for contests such as AED registry building events.


Message Boards

Use of municipal highway message boards offer the potential to reach large audiences at little or no cost. Portable message boards can also be used to encourage attendees to visit demonstrations and training opportunities during local public events and community gatherings.