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October 26, 2021

RapidDeploy and PulsePoint Partner to Increase Cardiac Arrest Survivability

The third and latest RapidDeploy and PulsePoint integration provides community AED locations on RapidDeploy maps to provide telecommunicators visibility to nearby AEDs as part of the 9-1-1 workflow.

AUSTIN, Texas, October 26, 2021 Today RapidDeploy, the industry's leading cloud-native emergency response platform, announces a new free integration with PulsePoint, a nonprofit whose public safety applications and partnerships aim to increase survivability from sudden cardiac arrests, to enable PulsePoint's automated external defibrillators (AED) registry to be used by call takers to see AEDs in proximity to 9-1-1 callers.

RapidDeploy RadiusPlus Mapping integrates with a PSAP or ECC voice or CPE system to automatically display advanced mobile location data along with traditional ANI/ALI data to quickly locate 9-1-1 callers. RapidDeploy continues to focus on a seamlessly integrated workflow for call takers where critical data such as nearby AEDs can be surfaced automatically when a 9-1-1 call is answered. When the caller indicates a cardiac emergency, 9-1-1 centers now will also see the location of life-saving AEDs from the PulsePoint registry as a map layer on the RapidDeploy RadiusPlus map itself.

PulsePoint AED offers communities of all sizes a no-cost solution for registering and managing AEDs, which includes technical and marketing support.

"RapidDeploy is a valued partner with a shared mission to leverage cloud technology to efficiently communicate AED locations during cardiac emergencies," said Richard Price, PulsePoint founder and president. "Instead of telecommunicators asking a caller if they know of a nearby AED, they can now inform them of AED locations on the same maps they are using to view caller locations. Dispatcher access to AED locations in combination with dispatch-guided CPR could have a significant impact on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survivability."

RapidDeploy now offers integrations to PulsePoint's AED registry for both Nimbus CAD and RadiusPlus 9-1-1 Tactical Map as well as integrations via Priority Dispatch, enabling agencies to connect with the data regardless of what CPE or CAD systems they operate today.

"RapidDeploy is honored to be the first cloud-based mapping technology to partner with the PulsePoint Foundation to provide AED locations to dispatchers during call processing," said Steve Raucher, co-founder and CEO of RapidDeploy. "Jointly, our organizations feel strongly that access to life-saving information should be made available to everyone on the front line of emergency response."

About RapidDeploy

RapidDeploy is the industry's only truly open and integrated response platform, transforming 9-1-1 communications centers of any size into data-centric organizations. RapidDeploy achieves new levels of situational awareness and reduces 9-1-1 response time by seamlessly integrating third-party data and ensuring it is available when, where and how telecommunicators and first responders need it. The company's cloud-native platform includes analytics, mapping, dispatch and first responder applications. To learn more, visit rapiddeploy.com.

About the PulsePoint Foundation

PulsePoint is a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit foundation based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through the use of location-aware mobile devices, PulsePoint is building applications that work with local public safety agencies to improve communications with citizens and professional emergency responders, increase civic engagement and encourage the community to help reduce the millions of annual deaths from sudden cardiac arrest. Learn more at pulsepoint.org or join the conversation at Facebook and Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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