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November 10, 2020

What’s New in PulsePoint AED v2.2 (iOS)

We've added a powerful new search tool that quickly locates AEDs by establishment, geographic location, or prominent point of interest. Search "24 Hour Fitness," "2750 Crow Canyon Rd," "Space Needle," "Orlando FL" or many other supported variations. Just begin typing, and you’ll see predictions appear.

PulsePoint AED Search

You'll also find a flexible new filter tool that displays just the AEDs or colocated resources you would like to see. AED administrators have a few extra filters available so you may not have all the options shown.

PulsePoint AED Filter

AED administrators can now view and resolve user-reported issues from within the app. Administrators can locate these AEDs by using the “Has reported issue” map filter. Also, expired consumable dates are now highlighted so they’re not overlooked.

PulsePoint AED Reported Issue

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