Price Book


PulsePoint Respond


A one-time implementation fee of $10,000 is charged to interface a dispatch center (PSAP) to PulsePoint and announce the apps to the community. The PSAP and associated agencies are assigned a dedicated PulsePoint Project Manager (PM) to ensure a well planned and executed project. The PM manages all aspects of the implementation including interface installation and testing, AED registry integration, PulsePoint Insights (analytics), training of administrative users, and marketing support for the community launch. As part of the implementation, agency branded collateral materials are prepared for community launch events and ongoing promotional use.


Tiered annual license fees (based on population served) safeguard the long-term sustainability of the apps and are used to directly benefit our users. These fees support the Foundation and ensure consistent performance, reliable and timely technical support for agency and community app users, and a steadily improving product.

TierPop. Served by PSAPResponder TypeAnnual Subscription
Small Community<50,000Public and Verified$8,000
Tier 150,000-299,999Public and Verified
without Verified
Tier 2300,000-749,999Public and Verified
without Verified
Tier 3750,000-1.5MPublic and Verified
without Verified
Tier 4>1.5MPublic and Verified
without Verified


Public responders self-report that they are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and willing to assist if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may require CPR. These users are only notified if the cardiac emergency is in a public place. The application also directs these potential rescuers to the exact location of public access defibrillators (AEDs) in the immediate vicinity.

Verified responders are notified of all nearby cardiac arrests, including those in private residences. Verified responders are known to the agency and managed in a responder registry. Verified agency members are also provided significant additional app functionality.

PulsePoint AED


All communities are welcome to use the PulsePoint AED Registry and supporting tools regardless if they use PulsePoint Respond. There is no charge to use any aspect of the PulsePoint AED Registry, including the PulsePoint AED apps and third-party integrations (e.g., dispatch center AED recommendations). The registry is funded and supported by the PulsePoint Foundation as a key component in its lifesaving mission.

Professional Services


A $7,500 fee is charged to replace a production interface when an agency changes CAD vendors and installs a completely new dispatch system. During a CAD conversion project, PulsePoint will establish a second interface to the new CAD in parallel with the existing PulsePoint interface to ensure a seamless and timely cutover to the new CAD.

PulsePoint is a public 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation and the sole provider of PulsePoint products.