PulsePoint CPR Alerts and COVID-19

Based on the recommendations from the American Heart Association (COVID-19 and CPR), the PulsePoint Foundation will continue its normal practice of sending CPR-needed alerts. However, we understand that some agencies may wish to temporarily suspend CPR alerts and/or the display of medical incidents in their public feed. Should your agency wish to do so, please submit a request to


PulsePoint is a powerful tool to disseminate information to your community. Follow the simple steps below to push an Agency Message to your PulsePoint users. Should you have any questions, please contact

1. Sign in to the PulsePoint administrative portal and select Alert from the header menu.

2. Select the News alert type and enter the message text. Click the Send Alert button to instantly distribute the message to all users following your agency.

3. The number of mobile devices receiving the message will now be displayed in the log below. The message will be automatically cleared from all devices after 24 hours unless extended, up to two weeks, by changing the default duration (see highlight).

4. The message will be pinned to the top of the incident list in the app. Tapping the message will display the complete text. Users that have selected the News notification type will be alerted. Other users will only see the message if they view the incident list.