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January 29, 2017 | by

Albuquerque paramedic recognized by Mayor for “off-the-clock” response

David ZamoraDavid Zamora was recognized for helping someone suffering a heart-attack while off the clock using the PulsePoint app. The app is linked to the dispatch system and lets people know if someone is in need of medical help in a public place near them.

Zamora said he and his wife had been shopping all day when he got the alert that someone needed CPR. He was honored for his effort, but Zamora said his wife is the real hero.

“This came right at the end where I promised her we would be home. She could see that it was nagging on me and she said, ‘Turn around, let’s go check.’”

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February 5, 2015 | by

Albuquerque Fire Department Launches Life-Saving Smartphone App

Albuquerque, N.M.-The City of Albuquerque & the Albuquerque Fire Department are proud to announce a new life-saving app our citizens can now download and use. A CPR smartphone app called PulsePoint is now available within Albuquerque city limits. The Albuquerque Fire Department is the first fire department in New Mexico to implement the life-saving app.

The free smartphone app uses sophisticated location-based services and notifies android and Apple subscribers who have indicated they are CPR trained* that a sudden cardiac arrest event is nearby. The alert is triggered by our 9-1-1 center at the same time that Albuquerque Firefighter EMTs and paramedics are dispatched. The app uses advanced GPS technology to notify subscribers within a quarter mile of a cardiac arrest event and where the closest automated external defibrillator (AED) is located.

“We are excited to launch this life saving app in Albuquerque,” said Mayor Richard J. Berry. “Now, our citizens can save lives by performing CPR when just second matter, until AFD arrives on scene.”

“Improving cardiac arrest survival rates through community based CPR and AED training is a priority for the City and this technology is another way in which we can- in partnership with our community- save even more lives,” said Albuquerque Fire Chief David Downey.

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When a cardiac emergency strikes, CPR and using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can help save a life but that takes knowing where AED’s are located. Registering AED’s allows for the Albuquerque Fire Department to track the location of each AED so that when an emergency occurs, responders and nearby citizens trained in CPR know where they’re located.

Businesses, schools, and other public sites with an AED are asked to add the AED’s location to the PulsePoint database on the AED App or at

*”CPR trained” can be knowing how to administer Hands-Only CPR (no rescue breaths) or traditional CPR (with rescue breaths). Individuals can find information for both types of CPR on the city website at

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