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PulsePoint first app released on InterAct’s

InterAct LogoInterAct Announces, New Technology to Better Connect the Public with Public Safety

InterAct’s latest Public Safety Cloud innovation enables citizens to share information with law enforcement, fire, emergency services and other citizens to create safer communities.

Winston-Salem, NC (September 28, 2012) – Continuing to deliver on its commitment to the Public Safety Cloud, InterAct, a leading provider of incident-response and management solutions today announced the release of SafeTown™; a powerful suite of cloud and smart phone apps that help public safety agencies better connect with the citizens they serve.

Improving the connection between the public safety community and the public provides significant benefits to both constituencies. “We place a high value on a strong partnership with our citizens. If we can better inform them, we can make them safer, and engaged citizens become a force multiplier for us.” said Taylor Jones, Deputy Chief, Office of the Sheriff, Emergency Services Division, Anderson County, SC. “SafeTown will give us the tools we need to effectively share information with our citizens and make our community a better, safer place to live.”

SafeTown delivers services to the community via a community web portal and a family of smart phone apps.

Read the rest of this media release on the InterAct blog.

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