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PulsePoint app review by appPicker

PulsePoint Homescreen IconIntroduction
PulsePoint is a very interesting app which is designed to empower ordinary people such as you and I with the ability to track medical emergencies as they happen and provide real-time medical assistance to people in our local area who are currently suffering from cardiac arrest.

If you’re trained in CPR then I would definitely suggest downloading this app and keeping it handy on your iPhone because you can set it up to notify you with an alert whenever someone needs help in your local area.
This definitely sounds like a worthy cause to me, and the app itself is very professionally developed so I would please urge you to consider checking it out.

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The tagline for this app is “Enabling Citizen Superheroes,” and that is pretty much what you’ll become if you keep PulsePoint on your iPhone!

When you first start using this app, you’ll want to search in the Agencies section. This can be done either by agency, city, or zip code, and will enable you to find medical emergency services in your area so that you can receive notifications and information relevant to your actual location.

Selecting an agency will provide you with information such as the area it serves and a historical profile. By tapping the Follow button in the top right-hand corner you can receive updates in real time any time there is an emergency callout made by the given agency.

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