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How We Can Bring More People Back to Life

Photo by Marco Djurika/ReutersIf you’re walking down the street and your heart stops, the chance you’ll see another day is about the same as it was thirty years ago. But the proven systematic and cultural changes that could drastically increase survival after cardiac arrest are very much within reach.

If you’re going to have a cardiac arrest, the best place to do it is in Seattle. That’s because King County, Washington, boasts the highest out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates in the country, at 49 percent.

While that might sound like a bad bet — basically flipping a coin on your chance of living — compared to the rest of the country, it is astonishingly high. The national average for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival quivers at around 10 percent, depending on location. In some cities, like Detroit, your chance of survival is near zero.

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