Audience metrics

User Engagement

To more accurately report user engagement, in July 2021 the PulsePoint Foundation transitioned its main audience metric from Followers to Monthly Active Users.

Followers were defined as those users who had downloaded the PulsePoint Respond app and created an associated settings record (e.g., followed agencies, notification preferences). However, keeping follower counts accurate and meaningful over time became increasingly challenging. Methods available to detect when a user stopped using the app proved too unreliable and ultimately resulted in the decision to transition to a more precise key performance indicator.

Monthly Active Users (MAU) are individuals that follow your agency and have accessed the PulsePoint Respond app at least once during the reported month. Although your monthly active user count will be lower than your previous follower count, it represents only a subset of your total users. The MAU metric is more consequential and will climb or fall based on local engagement efforts and incident activity. Web app users are not currently included in this metric.

PulsePoint Respond Followed Agencies