Lifesaving Professionals

Both On-Duty and Off


EMS Strong Sponsor

PulsePoint is a proud sponsor of EMS Week and the EMS Strong campaign, presented by ACEP, in partnership with NAEMT.

On a daily basis off-duty professionals are demonstrating their 24/7/365 commitment by carrying PulsePoint and responding to nearby time critical emergencies. If you haven’t already done so, please download the PulsePoint Respond mobile app and be part of our always in service initiative. The chain-of-survival is only as strong as we make it.

Scott Brawner
Off-duty firefighter/paramedic
PulsePoint App Responder

When I collapsed after a workout, firefighter Scott Brawner came to my side, performed CPR, and saved my life.

Drew Basse, Truck Driver
Experienced SCA event

Jeff Olson
Off-duty EMT
PulsePoint App Responder

Jeff Olson gave my one-month-old son another fighting chance at life. This event gave me faith in humanity by exposing the heroes among us who don’t hesitate to commit great selfless acts.

Michael Garrison, Father
Son experienced SCA event

Dr. Matthew Gittinger
Off-duty emergency physician
PulsePoint App Responder

When my heart failed Dr. Gittinger left his living room to save my life and keep my kids’ father around.

Doug Stine
Experienced SCA event

Madeline Dahl
Off-duty Cardiac Nurse
PulsePoint App Responder

Madeline Dahl deserves a lot of credit. She definitely saved my life – and reaffirmed my belief that technology can make a positive difference.

Stephen DeMont, Technical Writer
Experienced SCA event

Walter Huber
Off-duty EMT
PulsePoint App Responder

I had a cardiac arrest. My heart just stopped. Walter Huber left his dinner to help me on the soccer field across from his house.

Farid Rashdi
Experienced SCA event

Kimberly Faux
Off-duty Nurse
PulsePoint App Responder

Kimberly Faux, joined by five peers, left a lunchtime gathering to perform CPR and assist a cardiac victim in a hotel across the street from the restaurant where they were eating.

David Zamora
Off-duty firefighter/paramedic
PulsePoint App Responder

David Zamora and his wife cut a shopping trip short to respond and perform CPR on a cardiac arrest victim at a nearby gas station.

Thomas Russell
Sheriff’s deputy
PulsePoint App Responder

Prince George’s County Office of the Sheriff Corporal Thomas Russell was a block away from a fire when he received a PulsePoint alert notifying him. Russell, who is also a volunteer firefighter, drove to the intersection and realized that firefighters had been dispatched to the wrong location and radioed dispatchers who were able to provide firefighters the correct address. Russell’s actions “saved valuable minutes” in the rescue of the two victims.

Brock Jenkins
Paramedic Student
PulsePoint App Responder

Columbus State paramedic student Brock Jenkins was dining and shopping with his girlfriend when they were alerted to a nearby cardiac arrest through the PulsePoint app on his phone. He performed continuous chest compressions until paramedics arrived.
Image of Darrin500x281

Darrin Trudeau
Reserve firefighter
PulsePoint App Responder

Off-duty Orange County Fire Authority (CA) reserve firefighter Darrin Trudeau is credited with saving woman’s life after receiving PulsePoint alert and performing CPR until Anaheim firefighters arrived on scene.
Image of Greg Sanberg500x281

Greg Sanberg
Fire Captain
PulsePoint App Responder

Fire Captain Greg Sanberg was running errands in Salem, Oregon when PulsePoint alerted him to a cardiac arrest at a nearby hotel. Sanberg, 47, responded and performed chest compressions. The woman began to breathe just as on-duty crews arrived, he said.

Held the third week of May each year, National EMS Week honors EMS heroes and educates the public about our nation’s emergency care system and how to respond to medical and traumatic emergencies.

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