Managing Responders

PulsePoint Respond offers two invitation-only responder types: Registered CPR Responder and Professional Responder. These special users are enrolled and managed in the PulsePoint Central Responder module. Learn more below.

Registered CPR Responder

PulsePoint Registered CPR Responder

Registered CPR Responders are agency-invited members of the community with medical or rescue training, such as public safety retirees, CERT members, medical professionals, and residential security staff or residents with special neighborhood responsibilities. These community responders are alerted to all nearby cardiac arrest events, including private residences. With nearly 70% of cardiac arrest events occurring in the home, this difference is significant. Like Public CPR Responders, these users are shown a filtered list of emergencies occurring in the community.

Professional Responder

PulsePoint Professional Responder

Professional Responders are active public safety employees, typically firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement officers assigned Professional Responder status by their organization. Typically these employees respond and care for patients in residential settings while on duty. To encourage adoption, professional users are provided with specialized app capabilities for on-duty use. When off-duty, Professional Responders are alerted to all nearby cardiac arrest events in the jurisdiction.

PulsePoint Central New Responder Definition

Responder Entry

Special responder types are defined in the Responders module. Adding or modifying Responders requires Administrator rights.

Use the + New Responder button to add a responder.

Enter the First and Last name of the responder.

Enter the Badge or Employee Number for a professional responder. For Registered CPR Responders, use a telephone number or other unique reference.

Select the Responder Type. Professional Responder invites are typically limited to employees.

Tags can be used to simplify user management and to associate responders with particular Unit Groups.

Once submitted, tap the Ellipsis (three dot) icon on the responder card to modify or manage.

Program Invitation

Program invitations are sent via email. Users should informed to expect the invitation and to follow the instructions delineated below.

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of PulsePoint Respond before starting the enrollment process.
  2. Open the invitation email on the device you intend to use with PulsePoint.
  3. Carefully follow the instructions provided in the email.
  4. If you lose or replace your phone, make sure you notify your program administrator so the device can be de-authorized and a new invitation can be sent for use with your new phone.